OGAMESPACE Online Uzay Oyunu

1. Accounts

The owner of an account always owns the email address registered in the game account.
An account can only be played by a single player. The only exception is account-based accountability.
The exchange of accounts in a universe is done with the help of game operators. After an account change, the account must be at least 1 month past the re-transfer.
The new account holder must change the email address within 12 hours of the account transfer.

2. Multi Accounts

Each player can play in a universe with just one account. No way is allowed to play from the same IP.

3. Account Caretaker

An account includes looking at another player. To do this, the game operator must be notified by the Support system before the time the account provider is to begin.
An account can be left for a maximum of 12 hours. If the actual owner of the account enters the game before 12 hours, the custody period is over.
No fleet movement can be made in the accounts of the carer. However, in the case that there are attacks aimed at destroying looting or fleets, there is the possibility of deploying and transporting mines to a planet or to the moon in order to protect the fleets.
The caregiver can only spend resources (mines) on research and building levels. Can not use resources in the production of fleet and defense unit.
In the last 7 days, to be cared for an account, there should be no other caretaker made to this account.

4. Attack Rules

More than 6 attacks cannot be made in 24-hour timeframes for each player to be counted separately on each planet and moon. This rule also covers the tasks of destroying the Moon.
It is forbidden to send a Spy Probe to prevent the fleet movement of the other party with a quick click on the attacks.
The same player cannot be attacked in alliance or coordinated with other players for 3 consecutive days.
In order to prevent the player from switching to holiday mode or to the planetary irradiation, an attack of more than 3 hours is prohibited.
It is forbidden to destroy the fleet because it is a malevolent attack.
Players who send the spy probe as an attack alone will be punished for fleet breaking.

5. Reinforcement

An account is not allowed to obtain unfair resources from an account with a lower rating than itself.
The reinforcement is not limited to this example, but also includes sending unrequited resources to higher-score accounts from low-score accounts, as well as the profitability of their fleets by attacking the higher-rated accounts.
A trade must be completed within 48 hours. In all exceptional cases (transports due to reasons such as ISS ruin sharing, premium payments and GD support), game operators must be notified via the SUPPORT SYSTEM.

6. Bug (Program error) and Utility Usage

It is strictly forbidden to use a program error for the benefit of a person or for intentional use.
Any interface or program between the player and the game (server) is prohibited to use.
The use of malicious programs that generate automated information in order to take advantage of a group of players is also prohibited.

7. Threats to Real Life

To imply or imply that any other players, team members, game managers, or any other person involved in a service of the game will be identified; any threat to real life, such as implied or stated, is prohibited.

8. Insults and Spam

No insults or spam messages are allowed.

9. Language

Game publishers reserve the right to exclude players who are unable to speak the mother tongue of the country in which the game is offered (in the Games, forums and official IRC channels).

10. Rule Violations

Any violations of the rules will be punished with time periods varying from the stimulation of the account to permanent closure.
Game operators decide the type and duration of the penalty.

11. General Terms of Use

The General Terms of Use are integral to these rules and are mutually supportive.

12. Holiday Accounts

Accounts received on vacation cannot be removed from the resort before 2 days.
The vacation accounts have to wait at least 2 days before they can go on vacation again.
Accounts that have been inactive for 15 days are excluded from the holiday on the first Sunday at 13:00.
Holidays are deducted from the holiday at 13:30 on the first Sunday at the end of the 30th day.
Those who declare a valid excuse to the management are not removed from the holidays until the end of the excuse if deemed appropriate by the management.

13. Colony / Colonial Procurement

Discovery Technique Level 6 You can get your first colony.
Main Planet + 19 Coloni Without Officers can be taken.
The Main Planet, including Officers, can be taken to be + 21 Colonies.
Using the Buy Planet section (+5 Planet) the Main Planet + 26 Colonies can be taken.

14. Age Limit

This game is forbidden to register for children under 13 years old.


Any of the above rules shall be penalized as follows.
Multi IP penalties are given to the first account. The second opened accounts are always deleted by bans.

1. İhlal : 2 days off account. Account on vacation.
2. İhlal : 7 days closing account. Without vacation
3. İhlal : Delete account.